Team :

Corporate Team :

  • Mr. Teyjas Schae : An MBA (USIU - San Diego) with over 20 years experience in designing, constructing, and operating Ferro Alloy processes.
  • Avinash Jaising : An Economics graduate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, provides strategic guidance.
  • Hannu Hautamaki : A Mechanical Engineer, who has headed several organizations involved with metallurgical, and engineering projects in Finland and India.
  • M M.Dayanand : Over 40 years of experience in handling corporate affairs and government liason for Chemical, Plywood, Hydro Power, and Ferro Alloy companies.
  • M A. Kulkarni : Over 30 years of experience in Accounting and Finance in Heavy Construction and Ferro Alloys. Currently heading the Finance and Statutory compliance functions.
  • Manu Patel : An IT and E-business expert from the University of Auckland, who has a latent passion for chemical technology and its applications in the Ferro Alloy industry.
  • Shilpin J Patel : A Mechanical Engineer from University of Texas - Arlington, provides strategic guidance.

Advisory Team :

  • M.N.Ramchandra : A Metallurgical engineer who has been responsible for designing, constructing and operating many of the ELKEM Ferro Alloy furnaces in Bhutan, India.
  • Melwyn Lobo : A Metallurgical engineer with an exceptional insight in operating all kinds of Ferro Alloy plants. He has operated plants in India and the Middle East.
  • Nandan Tavanandi : An Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in designing, constructing Ferro Alloy and Heavy Engineering Projects.
  • S.S. Hedge : An Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in operating and maintaining Ferro Alloy furnaces.
  • Karthik Ayyar : A software engineer from the University of Minnesota, who is an exceptionally gifted IT professional.
  • N. S.Varahamurti : An expert in Pollution Control System Design, and Engineering, for the Ferro Alloys, Steel, and Cement Industry with over 30 years experience.

Operations Team :

  • P J. Pai : A Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in building mechanical equipment for the Metallurgical Industry, including construction of Ferro Alloy Furnaces in Bhutan and India.
  • Vinayak M. Sanjagiri : A Metallurgical Chemist with over 30 years experience in Research and Development of various process technologies, and processes for the production of several kinds of Ferro Alloys.
  • Shivalingappa Demashetti : An MBA, Metallurgical Chemist, Quality Systems Manager & an HR professional. He has over 20 years of experience in Chemical, Steel, Ferro Alloys and the Rockwool Industry.
  • Tukaram Shinde : A Metallurgical Chemist with over 20 years experience in operating Ferro Alloy smelting furnaces.
  • Anil Gavas : A multi skilled operations expert.
  • S D. Amblekar : A highly qualified Quality Control expert.
  • P K. Bendre : An innovative mechanical engineer.
  • Sanjay Kanyadi : An innovative electrical engineer.
  • K S. Rajshekharan : A highly skilled Electrical operations expert.

Commercial Team :

  • Jerome D'Souza : Vastly experienced commercial executive who heads the Danddeli works.
  • S M. Kadam : Over 20 years in sales, currently heads the entire gamut of commercial functions.
  • V P. Shenvi : Highly experienced Head of the legal, personnel & administrative function.
  • Sanjay Kodkany : Highly experienced head of the accounting, banking, statutory compliance, and strategic government initiatives.
  • Y Y Modagi : An experienced accountant responsible for all statutory compliances.
  • N A Kanetkar : An accountant with over 10 years experience
  • Anand Teli : A young, multi skilled, Business Development Executive.
  • Ashok R. Kshirsagar (Corporate Office) : Multi skilled accountant responsible for areas such as IT, Corporate Accounting, and Tax Planning.
  • Vinod Warik (Corporate Office) : The driving force behind all Office Operations.